Todd Helton Deserves Strong Consideration for MLB Hall-of-Fame

By David Miller
Todd Helton
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday night marks another game closer to the end of Todd Helton’s great career. As he readies himself to walk away on his terms and while he still has some ability left, the question of his Hall of Fame status is already being asked. He has a few years yet before he even gets to deal with that question but for now it seems that he should at least get heavy consideration as long as the voting body gets its head screwed on straight before he is eligible.

I think of him as a Dale Murphy type who played great clutch baseball and was almost always the best player on the team while the team was most of the time not that great. You might scorn at the mention of Murphy because the baseball writers decided not to vote him in for some dumb reason. That would be where the part about them getting their heads screwed on straight comes in. By that time if the same garbage that went on this past season continues, I assume MLB will do something about it in whatever capacity they have to do so.

In my book clutch should count for something as should being one of the only great hitters on a team. For most of his seasons with the Colorado Rockies an opposing starting pitcher could just plan to pitch around him and get everyone else out. That and he still came away with a career batting average a nice piece over .300. That is darn impressive to me. Whether or not it is to the Hall of Fame voters will matter in a few years. By that time if they don’t think he should make it in then you can look for a scathing article from this writer.

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