Arizona Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschmidt Should Be NL MVP Despite Record

By David Miller
Paul Goldschmidt
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It is a good thing I do not have votes for MVP in the National League because I would embarrass myself voting more than once even after I was out of votes, for Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. Already I have dedicated more than one article on the subject but this time the focus will shift towards the reason Goldschmidt should win the award and good players from winning teams should not.

The main names that come up are Andrew McCutchen, Yadier Molina and Freddie Freeman among a few others, even a few pitchers. The one thing that most candidates have in common that Goldschmidt does not have is that they play for teams that are likely headed to the 2013 MLB postseason while the DBacks certainly are not. So obviously, who cares? I know there are some that believe an MVP should not come from a team that doesn’t win to a certain degree but there is a word for arguments like that: wrong.

Awarding a Major League Baseball player for being the one that is in fact the most valuable to his team or the league, should not have a thing to do with wins and losses because one man cannot win a baseball game. Goldschmidt can’t hit a grand slam then run over and strike out the side the next half inning while completing a 4 – 6 – 3 double play. It just isn’t possible. So why in the world do wins and losses matter?

If you glance at a team like the DBacks, they are not the worst team in baseball. They won’t come near the postseason but having someone as valuable as Goldschmidt on their team made them almost good enough to make it even after everything fell apart. The stats are there since he is first in the N.L. in home runs, RBI and OPS while sticking in 12th for batting average. Those are best than most of his opponents. For me that makes it a cinch that he should win.

Last things last, if you add the factor of wins and losses into the equation, the worst team should produce the more likely candidate for MVP because he had less help from co-roster members than the playoff team candidates did. I don’t really see how it could be a contest. Goldy means more and is more valuable to his team than any of the others are to theirs. Take them away and those teams likely would still make the playoffs though maybe in a different way. Take Goldschmidt away and the DBacks do nothing especially in the second half. It should be a no-doubter and MLB voters should be ashamed of themselves if it isn’t.

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