Joba Chamberlain Puts Exclamation Mark on Probable End to New York Yankees Career

By Adam Fischer
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Why has Joba Chamberlain been on the New York Yankees roster the entire season? He did miss almost the whole month of May on the disabled list with an oblique strain, but hasn’t been effective the five months he’s been eligible to pitch.

Right when he came back from injury, his month of June was dreadful, as he posted a 9.35 ERA in nine appearances. The next two months looked like a revelation, with a 1.50 ERA in July and a 2.45 ERA in August for a total of 18 games pitched. But once the most important month of the season rolled around, so did Joba’s stats.

For the crucial month of September, his ERA is 5.06, which is sure to go up after tonight as he came in to relieve Hiroki Kuroda and start the seventh inning, just to give up a three-run home run without recording an out, and blowing open a game the Yankees desperately needed to win. It’s a good thing the game took place in Toronto, because Joba would have been booed out of the stadium if it was in the Bronx.

Speaking of the Bronx, it will not be Chamberlain’s home park when spring springs. Like Phil Hughes, who, with Joba, were supposed to be the new cavalry of young pitchers and hopefully the home grown talent that could evolve into a new core of All-Stars that lead the Yankees to the Promised Land. They are now afterthoughts in Yankees lore. Both of their names are cringe-worthy when they’re announced on the PA to Yankees fans, and both should have much more difficult offseasons following their poor showings on the diamond in 2013. Both have ERAs over 5.00, and both have been extreme disappointments, with only one All-Star appearance combined.

But, tonight is more about Joba. How putting him in in problematic situations shouldn’t have even been in the back of manager Joe Girardi’s mind. How his off-the-field problems like breaking his ankle on a trampoline; or telling Mariano Rivera to shut up when Mo was in an interview, and politely asked him to lower his voice; how he blew up on the scene in 2007, then midges basically destroyed him.

Goodbye Joba. Tonight was the nail in the coffin for him as it could be for the Yankees season as well.


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