Los Angeles Angels Must be Frustrated Watching Los Angeles Dodgers Clinch

By Michael Terrill
Los Angeles Angels Must be Frustrated Watching Los Angeles Dodgers Clinch
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers have officially clinched the National League West after their win against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday. As thrilled as people must be for the Dodgers, the Los Angeles Angels are one team that has to be disappointed.

While the Dodgers have clinched a playoff berth, the Angels are just hoping to break .500 on the season. With only 10 games to go and a 74-78 record, the Angels have a very short time to accomplish their goal. The good news is the team is very optimistic that they can go on a winning streak to end the season. However, it still has to be frustrating considering where the expectations were at the beginning of the year.

“The main goal isn’t that,” Ernesto Frieri said, according to Angels.com. “The main goal is to get to the playoffs. We know that’s really hard; there aren’t a lot of games left. But it’d be very self-satisfying to be able to finish this season, which started bad, with a .500 record. I think everyone would like that; I think we’d be happier going home.”

With a $142 million payroll and multiple superstars on the roster, the Angels are far from where they should have been. It is awesome the team believes getting hot at the end of this year is a building block that will help them be successful next season. However, that is not exactly what fans want to hear.

The Dodgers were in a similar boat as the Angels around the same time. They decided to build a contender through trades and free agency. The organization spent a whopping $216 million to get the job done. Granted, the Dodgers’ salary cap is $74 million more than that of the Angeles, but once we get inside that range of money everyone should be winning. The Angels built their roster with the same concept but did not get the same results.

Whether certain people will lose their job for Los Angeles not reaching the playoffs is currently unknown. There is a good chance ownership will just ride the current regime out in hopes of dominating next season, which is certainly something that could happen. Regardless, it still has to sting for the Angles to watch the Dodgers succeed with the exact same game plan.

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