Minnesota Twins: GM Terry Ryan Delusional To Praise Bullpen

By Caroline Ponessa

Earlier today, the Minnesota Twins official website posted an article quoting a comment made by general manager Terry Ryan on Wednesday, Sept. 17.

“For the most part, I think as a whole, the bullpen has done a decent job,” Ryan said. “That’s the one constant on this ballclub is that we’ve had about the same bullpen for the better part of the year.”

The only thing constant about the Twins bullpen this year is that it has constantly struggled. I’m not sure where Ryan gets the idea that the pen is a bright spot, considering they rank 29th out of 30 teams in the entire MLB with a collective ERA of 4.44.

At least the Twins aren’t at the very bottom, right? Wrong. In combined opposing team batting average, Minnesota is the worst in the league, allowing opponents to maintain a .278. The Twins also rank in dead last in strikeouts with 918 (71 less than the 29th place Houston Astros).

Not convinced? The Twins bullpen gave up the most hits in the league with 1,468 (33 more than the second highest Colorado Rockies) and the second highest amount of runs (both earned and unearned).

Shocker, the teams who finished at the bottom of the MLB rankings in pitching statistics also finished at the bottom of the league.

I’m really not sure if Ryan is watching the same team that the rest of us are. Twins fans can only hope Ryan is not preluding to 2014 and trying to convince Minnesota that the bullpen is doing an adequate enough job to give them another look next season.

Besides closer Glen Perkins, there is not one pitcher in the rotation that is indispensable. Any one of these guys could (and probably should) be replaced.

If the Twins want success in the 2014 season, they will need to make some wholesale changes. While there clearly need to be offensive and field adjustments as well, the bullpen cannot be ignored.

Ryan and other members of the Twins upper management need to wake up and smell the rosin bag. Minnesota’s bullpen needs a complete makeover if the team wants any chance at playing ball next October.

Caroline Ponessa is a Minnesota Twins writer for RantSports.com. Follow her on Twitter @sweetCaro.

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