Why Philadelphia Phillies' Chase Utley Should Win Roberto Clemente Award

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The end of baseball season is coming near. This means teams are honoring players for their efforts throughout the season. Last night, the Philadelphia Phillies honored Chase Utley for his community service efforts. He is the Phillies’ representative for the Roberto Clemente award. The fans will help decide who wins. Why does Utley deserve to win?

MLB has been giving out the award for 41 years. It honors what Clemente gave back to the community along with his great baseball skills. It is quite an honor to win as Clemente was a class act and deserves to be honored each year.

Utley is a perfect candidate for this award. Utley and his wife have put a lot of work into animal community service. Each year, they designate a night to raise money for the Pennsylvania SPCA. Since 2008, they have raised $2 million. He is also bringing awareness to the community about animal cruelty with the Utley Foundation.

Utley does not only focus on animals. Each season, he purchases season tickets and gives them to multiple children’s hospitals in Philadelphia. Utley truly cares about the city he plays for.

The award does not only focus on service, it is also about how a player performed this season. Utley has had a great season, although the Phillies struggled. Utley is hitting .279 with 68 RBIs and 18 home runs. In the last 10 games, his average is .350 with 15 RBIs and two home runs. He has been a big part of the Phillies’ offense this season and will continue to be over the next two years.

Utley has always been a leader of the team. He has always put others first. Being nominated for this award shows that he puts the community first. He deserves to win.

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