Andy Pettitte Hangs His Hat On A Great Career

By Matthew Solomon
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So it has finally come down to this. According to multiple reports, MLB pitcher Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement from baseball later this afternoon. This isn’t the first time that Pettitte will have announced his retirement. He had previously retired after the 2010 season, only to take a year off and come back to the Majors again in 2012. During his brilliant 18 year career, Pettitte has played for two teams in the bigs, the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. According to one report, this season was taking a huge toll on Pettitte’s body, and it was far more difficult for him to endure than first expected. Pettitte is 41 years-old, so you kind of figured that his age was going to catch up to him eventually. This year just happened to be the year that Father Time finally caught up with Andy.

If this is really it and Pettitte does retire at the end of the season, then he will be making two more starts in his career. First will be at Yankee Stadium this weekend against the San Francisco Giants, while the other one is the final weekend of the year in Houston against the Astros. This is quite ironic that his two final big league starts are at Yankee Stadium and in Houston, the only two teams he has ever played for in the big leagues.

Pettitte pitched for the Astros from 2004-06, winning 37 games in 83 total starts in Houston. Not a bad three year stretch for a guy pitching in the National League for the first time. Most fans, when they talk about Pettite, will think of him as a Yankee. During his time in the Bronx, Pettitte won 218 games with a 3.95 ERA and 2,009 strikeouts in 15 years. During his time in the Bronx Pettite was a part of five world championship teams with the Yankees, and he also won the 2001 ALCS MVP and is currently the Yankees’ all-time leader in strikeouts with those 2,009 Ks.

Now then, based on his career stats, is it good enough to get Pettitte into the Baseball Hall Of Fame? I think he has a shot, albeit a long shot. Some of the stuff that surrounded his career, most obvious being the steroid usage, is going to possibly be a hindrance on him getting in. But if you look purely at the numbers he put up during his career, then yes I think Pettitte gets into the hall, depending on who he’s going against on the ballot.

Regardless of whether or not he gets into the hall, Pettitte still has had a great major league career and will be indeed missed.

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