Arizona Diamondbacks Have No “Tradition” For Los Angeles Dodgers To Mock

By Isaac Comelli
Dodgers Pool
Los Angeles Dodgers Official Twitter Account

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ community of fans and writers blew up the media world after yesterday’s NL West clinching loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. One of the more notable stories that got pushed around the “Twitterverse” was also shared by the official Twitter account of Senator John McCain:

The link McCain tweeted is an article written by Dan Bickley whose most selling point is that the Dodgers were trying to “…mock another team’s playoff tradition, jumping in the Chase Field pool after winning the National League West…” Bickley and the rest of the Dodgers’ critics need to calm down and realize that the Dodgers probably never knew about this supposed “tradition.” Further, it is a little absurd to call something a tradition when the Diamondbacks have only won the NL West twice in the last 10 seasons. The 2011 pool party seems to be the inaugural such celebration as I cannot find any proof Arizona did this after clinching the division crown in 2007.

Although there have been a slew of awesome and witty comebacks from Dodgers fans and writers alike, one of my favorite came from the DodgerNation blog’s twitter account:

I will be there for that giveaway, if it happens.

The Diamondbacks and their loyal supporters have a right to be angry with the Dodgers after the Arizona management specifically asked the Dodgers not to return to the field after going to the clubhouse to celebrate. Nevertheless, harping on the fact that some of the team jumped into the pool as a way to disrespect the Diamondbacks is foolish, self-absorbed, and petty. Get over it, Arizona! Revenge is a dish best served cold and with a 2014 NL West champion t-shirt on your back, but the Dodgers will not be able to start that race until they finish with the 2013 postseason.

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