Chicago White Sox Rumors: Paul Konerko Should Play to Reach 1500 RBI

By David Miller
Paul Konerko
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

There is no reason to bother asking Paul Konerko what his plans are after this season because he is not going to give an answer. Thankfully we have rumors to go off of that could tell us what the Chicago White Sox legend’s plans are. Rumor has it that he fully intends to return for another season. I for one would be glad for that and actually believe he should return for longer than just one season. Considering he is not terribly old, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Konerko is having an off season in 2013 but guess what; so are a lot of White Sox. If they weren’t all having off seasons then they would probably have won many more games instead of having a solid draft pick for 2014. Konerko is obviously affected by the down season just like the rest of them. In 2012 his home run total was 26 and he had nearly 80 RBI. That, when added to a seat on the all-star team, makes it a good season in 2012. So why is it time for him to hang it up after just one slow season?

I think Konerko has not just one but two or three years left easily. His career homer total is 433 and he has totaled 1388 RBI. He should at least play long enough to reach 1500 RBI and get closer to 500 home runs. Two seasons of 56 RBI would give him 1500 and he almost has that many this year. Home runs would be more difficult for two seasons but three would certainly get him there assuming his seasonal total picks back up when the rest of the team isn’t in the doldrums.

Even without the numbers being taken into consideration, Konerko deserves one of those whole-season send off parties like Chipper Jones and Mariano Rivera received. He might not necessarily like that idea but he does deserve it. Give us a few more seasons Konerko, we know you still have plenty left in the tank.

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