Milwaukee Brewers Likely to Sign Corey Hart

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Brewers Likely to Sign Corey Hart
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest question marks heading into the offseason is whether the Milwaukee Brewers will re-sign first baseman Corey Hart. Many expected the team to allow the slugger to test out free agency because they believed he would simply be too expensive to bring back. However, a new light has been shed on the ordeal that could see Hart returning to Milwaukee next season.

“I’ve told them I would be very generous to stay here,” Hart said, according to “I wouldn’t sit there and ask for anything that is outlandish. I would take a discount to stay here, because I think I owe it to them to stay here and be a cheaper player, because — nobody wants to play for free — but I’ve basically sat there and watched all season. I think I owe it to them and the fans to come back. That’s kind of what we’re hoping for, but at the same time, you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“If it’s up to me, I would stay here. I think we’re leaving it up to them — if it’s something they want.”

That is right Brewers fans, Hart is willing to take a very generous pay cut to stay with the organization. Why is he willing to do such a thing for a team that could be heading for a downward spiral for years? I believe there are a couple of reasons.

For one, Hart enjoys the city of Milwaukee and the loyal fans that follow the team. Not to mention, he has raised a family in southeastern Wisconsin and does not want to see them leave a place they thoroughly enjoy as well. Also, Hart understands what it would mean to the fan base to have someone return the same respect that is paid to the players.

The other reason the nine-year player would like to remain with the Brewers is because he believes the team’s disappointing season is something that will not become a trend in Milwaukee. With so many young players showing potential in the later part of the season, it is clear that the Brewers are not a team on the down, but rather, just the opposite. The young talent is overwhelming, which could make the team very good in a short period.

“We’ve not really had any discussions, but I’ve told them numerous times that obviously I’ll be healthy and I’d like to stay a Brewer and help this team out,” Hart told “They have a lot of good young players, but this team needs a veteran presence, and I’d like to be one of those guys. I’ve told them, and I think they want me. I just don’t know where that’s at. They’ve hinted, but it’s early, and coming out of knee surgery, I’m sure they want to see me run first before they actually talk to me.”

Obviously, there are several reasons why Milwaukee should re-sign Hart. The team’s public relations need some serious repair after what Ryan Braun did to the organization. More importantly, the Brewers need a first baseman for next year. Juan Francisco and Yuniesky Betancourt will simply not do for a team that is attempting to rebound in 2014. Re-signing Hart would take care of a critical position on a roster that has some question marks at a few positions.

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