Was Los Angeles Dodgers' Pool Party Celebration 'Classless'?

By Karim Akbar
The Arizona Republic

The Los Angeles Dodgers crashed the pool party. Arizona Diamondbacks officials urged the team to contain its NL West-clinching party to the dugout. The Dodgers were not having it, and in a moment of sheer bravado and emotion, they created one of the most genius road celebrations in history.

Moments after the Dodgers clinched the NL West with their 7-6 comeback victory, the team ran back onto Chase Field, proceeded to scale the wall in center field and took a dip in the Diamondbacks’ pool. Yasiel Puig was seen belly-flopping in the Chase Field pool — the same pool Arizona celebrated in when they clinched the division in 2011.

It was pure gold. A harmless plunge. But the Diamondbacks cried foul.

This is MLB. These are big boys. This dip in the pool is overblown, and I thought you were allowed to celebrate however you want to celebrate. Besides, the Diamondbacks did themselves no favors by blowing a lead the previous night in another loss.

There will be payback for this act, though there really shouldn’t be. In the tiers of infamous road celebrations, this is mild sauce. But we all know Arizona will hit some batters, someone’s gonna get clipped on a slide, etc. Make no mistake, Dodgers fans — there will be retribution. Maybe Arizona will celebrate by sitting in traffic on their way to Randy’s Donuts.

Not that Los Angeles is worried about any of that at the moment, of course.

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