Josmil Pinto is Best Reason for Joe Mauer Not to Catch for Twins

By David Miller
Josmil Pinto
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As Joe Mauer continues to go back and forth between ready to play and the place where every Minnesota Twins fan thinks the team shouldn’t play him, there has emerged an answer for this very dilemma for 2014. Josmil Pinto has been extremely good this month in his time at the MLB level. The Twins continue to have their issues but if they can rely on a good, power hitting catcher to take the job of catching more often than not, Mauer can easily elongate his career.

The stats from Pinto speak clearly enough. With a couple of homers and just shy of 10 RBI he clearly has the ability to hit major league pitching. Obviously batting average moves around a lot with that few of at-bats but still batting near .350 is never bad. He can catch and he can hit for power at the MLB level. Do we have any more questions? I don’t think we do.

Mauer is the franchise player and he earns the title ever single season. It isn’t as if he gets all this money and doesn’t go out and deliver. He absolutely delivers every single season no matter what the team’s success is. With someone else carrying most of the catching duties it would probably actually help Mauer’s performance over the balance of the entire season. Plus with someone like Pinto, it could provide the boost that having a booming Justin Morneau and Mauer once provided.

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