New York Yankees: How Does Alex Rodrugez's Grand Slam Accomplishment Compare To Lou Gehrig's?

By Matthew Solomon
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It has taken 75 years, but somebody has finally passed Lou Gehrig for most career grand slams.

The ironic thing is that its another New York Yankees player that has broken the record. On Friday, Alex Rodriguez hit his seven home run of the year and 24th career slam, which passed Gehrig for the most all-time. For Rodriguez, this was his first slam since June 12, 2012, so the home run has been long overdue for.

The blast gave MLB a new grand slam king, and I find it quite ironic that it’s the man who’s surrounded by the most controversy this season.

Gehrig’s last grand slam came on August 20, 1938, when he was in his last full season with the Yankees. Before Rodriguez came along, Manny Ramirez came the closest to breaking the record, but he finished his big league career with 21 slams. As far as the Rodriguez blast goes, it sort of helped keep the Yankees’ playoff hopes alive, as they now sit just three games out of the final wildcard spot.

From a historical perspective, there are of course going to be people who question the validity of the accomplishment because of the controversy surrounding Rodriguez at the moment.

In this instance, I’m not going to take the accomplishment away from Rodriguez. I’ve been one of the people who has been against A-Rod for the whole steroid scandal. When it comes to this record, I will cut Rodriguez a break and applaud him for his efforts.

Hitting 24 career grand slams isn’t an easy thing to do. Hitting one slam in a big league career is hard to do, as there is a lot of pressure on the hitter to knock one out of the park with the bases loaded. But, Rodriguez has managed to do it 24 times in his career.

So it’s not only a big moment on a historical level, it also really gave the Yankees a boost as far as their postseason lives go. The Yankees still have a shot at catching the final playoff spot, but they are going to have to pretty much win out and get some help from the teams ahead of them.

Congratulations to A-Rod on becoming the new king of the grand slam.

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