San Diego Padres: Jedd Gyorko Heading For A Breakout 2014 Campaign?

By Randy Holt
Jedd Gyorko
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There wasn’t a whole lot that went right for the San Diego Padres in 2013. They dealt with injuries up and down their lineup, many of them to key players, as they missed the postseason for yet another consecutive season. One positive, however, was the emergence of Jedd Gyorko as a piece for the future.

Gyorko had an excellent start at the Major League level. Spending most of his time at second base, Gyorko built on a strong spring to instantly establish himself as a piece of this club’s future moving forward. It hasn’t been a season without growing pain, of course, and for Gyorko, those pains are quite literal.

After a slow start in April, Gyorko lit it up with an excellent month of May, followed by a terrific start to the month of June. When he went down with a groin injury on June 9th, he had posted an extremely respectable slash line of .284/.341/.461/.802. When he returned from the injury, it’s clear that he wasn’t the same.

It’s pretty obvious that Gyorko wasn’t completely healthy when he returned to the lineup almost midway through the month of July. His average has dipped quite a bit in the months that followed, going down as low as .242 at the very beginning of September. There are some other positives here, however.

Gyorko has flashed the power quite a bit in these last couple of months, with 12 of his 20 home runs on the season coming since August began. He’s also knocked in 27 runs. For a Padres team starved for any type of run production, he’s actually been pretty steady, despite the average. It’s also important to note that his BABIP was just .147 in July and .262 in August, meaning he’s running into his fair share of bad luck.

Nonetheless, the Padres have a clear building block in Gyorko. He’s proven that throughout the season. With a winter to get completely healthy, we could be seeing one of the better second basemen in baseball emerge with the San Diego Padres, and he should show that when the 2014 campaign is ready to get underway.

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