Jhonny Peralta Deserves Reinstatement To Detroit Tigers' Roster

By John Raffel
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland obviously has many things on his mind as he tries to get his team to clinch the AL Central division title and get ready for the playoffs. A divisional title should soon be in hand, but winning 11 playoff games, which means a World Series title, will be very difficult for the Tigers.

That’s why bringing back Jhonny Peralta is a no-brainer.

They obviously have the tools to win a title, especially when it comes to hitting. It remains a feared lineup with Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Torii Hunter and Victor Martinez leading the way. If they put Peralta back on the roster and find him a spot in the outfield, which is likely, the Tigers offense will be is just as potent as anyone else’s in the MLB ranks.

Yet, the Tigers have that knack for beating teams that can score double digit runs one day and struggle against those who score very few the next. In a 162-game schedule, it’s not uncommon for that to happen. The Tigers occasionally struggle against poor teams.

When playoff time comes, the pitching will be better every day. They won’t see a pitcher with a high ERA anymore. They don’t need to score 10 runs game in the playoffs, but sometimes, it’s a wonder if they’ll score two or three depending on who is pitching on the other side. That’s why Peralta’s presence is necessary. He gives them another solid bat and playoff teams can never have enough of those.

Yes, Peralta broke the rules, but those who oppose reinstating him have to realize he and the Tigers are going through the process appropriately. He opted to serve his suspension rather than fighting it. It’s not like missing 50 games is a slight slap on the wrist.

It’s hard to say if Peralta can come back and hit as well as he did before his suspension. There’s one way of finding out, and it might help the Tigers win 11 postseason games.

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