MLB Awards: Who's the Boston Red Sox MVP?

By Carter Roane
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox achieved a feat that they have never done in their entire history: they managed to go from last to first place in one year. That is an absolutely remarkable accomplishment, and the great thing is that it has been a total team effort.

You really can’t point at any player and specifically say that particular individual would be the MVP of the Red Sox this year. Perhaps the closest person that could fit that role might be Koji Uehara for everything that he has accomplished over the last few months. However, even then he probably couldn’t be classified as that individual, because it has been every player on the roster who has contributed. That is a very good thing, as it makes for a well-balanced team. In 1995, the Red Sox won their division and went up against the Cleveland Indians in the American League Division Series. Mo Vaughn, who reminds a lot of people of David Ortiz, was their MVP and their most powerful bat in their lineup. They also had Jose Canseco as their designated hitter. Vaughn and Canseco went into a slump where neither one of them had a hit, went for a combined 0-for-27, and that was it. Boston was swept in three. The rest of the lineup depended on those two bats and when they went cold; no offense was generated.

This team is a lot different. It is a new player every night and sometimes from very unexpected sources, like Daniel Nava or Mike Carp. They don’t have to depend exclusively on Ortiz or Mike Napoli. Someone can come along and pick up the rest of the team and that is so important in the postseason. The other unique quality that this team has is the ability to steal bases. Even players who are not fast, like Jarrod Saltalamacchia, are swiping bags. In the postseason, the pitching is infinitely better, and getting runs is so important. The fact that they can do that is a very potent weapon. This might not be the most talented team, but they may be the strongest team, and that can make all the difference.

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