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5 Things Detroit Tigers Need To Win World Series

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5 Things The Detroit Tigers Need To Win World Series

Tim Fuller- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers have come oh so close from finally putting a ring on it, but Tigers fans and Beyoncé are unpleased with the inability to get that ring. Owner Mike Ilitch has spent as much money as just about any other owner in professional sports all in an effort to get his team that ring, and he has signed those checks with a smile on his face even knowing that the Tigers are technically operating at a loss, which is absurd because owners generally try to make money off anything.

Mr. Ilitch's dedication to giving the city of Detroit a champion is one of the better stories of ownership out there, and some Tigers fans actually just want to see him get the title more than they want it for themselves. While it is a great story, the reality is that the Tigers are still struggling to reach the full potential that they have on their team. They have probably lost home-field advantage due to a lineup that weaves in and out of consciousness. There are some serious obstacles ahead for this team if they want to finally get the championship it deserves.

So read on and find out about the five things the Detroit Tigers need if they are going to win the 2013 World Series. If the Tigers can incorporate some of these things, then I have no doubt that they will finally be hoisting that trophy and hosting a giant parade downtown. If they cannot get these things settled and rolling, then once again the only parade that will be thrown is a pity parade. Let's hope it's finally time for this team to celebrate in October.

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5. Have Tony LaRussa Impersonate Jim Leyland

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Okay, I'm kidding on this one. Sort of. Still, couldn't Jim Leyland's close friend Tony LaRussa spend some of his free time in retirement helping his buddy learn how to properly use a bullpen? Or maybe how to stack a lineup so that it operates at full power? How about give him tickets and create secret codes so he could give some advice? No one loves noddle-eating honey badger Jim Leyland as much as I do, but if he goes to get Phil Coke one more time, I think I will no longer own a television set.

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4. Have Alex Avila Produce

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I don't mean have Alex Avila produce as in stock the grocery store with fresh vegetables; that is unless he keeps hitting poorly, in which case that is exactly what I mean. The Tigers don't need Alex Avila to be Miguel Cabrera, but just come up with clutch hits like he did in August. Avila always seems to come up in big situations, so if he can convert them half of the time, it could be huge for the team. Also, vegetables scare Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera.

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3. Prince Fielder Needs To Protect Miguel Cabrera

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Let's face it, other teams are not going to keep pitching to Miguel Cabrera with their seasons on the line. Managers love their jobs too much to allow the best hitter ever to take them out of the postseason, so that means more of a workload for Fielder. This is why the Tigers paid over $200 million for Prince Fielder, and this is why he came to Detroit. Prince Fielder is going to be the man that is a huge factor in whether the Tigers win the World Series.

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2. Justin Verlander Must Return To Old Form

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The Tigers believe they already have the first part of their 1-2 pitching punch in Max Scherzer but who is going to be that second punch? You could say Anibal Sanchez or even Doug Fister, but why not the man who was their first punch last season? Justin Verlander should be lucky to have made the playoff rotation given his numbers this season, but the fact is that Justin Verlander can carry a team throughout the postseason when he's right. If he can get right, no one can stack up to the Tigers pitching-wise.

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1. Keep Miguel Cabrera Healthy

Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Keeping Miguel Cabrera healthy is obviously the most important factor as to whether the Tigers can win it all this season. I have run out of words to describe Miguel Cabrera, and I have run out of stamps to send him my creepy fan mail that is both awkward for him and bordering on stalking, according to the police. A healthy Miguel Cabrera is the x factor that no team can control or match, while an unhealthy Miguel Cabrera means Don Kelly. No one wants Don Kelly.