NL Central Standings: You Do Not Want to Miss the Final Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds Series

By Marilee Gallagher
Reds vs Pirates
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds met for a three-game series near the end of September, it certainly did not disappoint and proved to be must-watch television. And when they do it again in a series that will end the regular season for both teams, it is once again going to be must-watch television. In fact, if you watch just one more series over the rest of the season, make it this one.

The NL Central has been one of the most heated and one the best races to follow over the second half of the season. Three teams, the St. Louis Cardinals, Pirates and Reds, have been separated by less than three games for the better part of the month. In fact, they still are separated by just two and it is quite possible any of these three will win the division.

Luckily enough for the Cardinals, they don’t have to play the Pirates or Reds which ultimately gives them a big edge. The Reds and Pirates, meanwhile, seemed to draw the ire of the baseball scheduling gods as they were set to face each other six times in their remaining nine games.

But for baseball fans, this schedule could not have worked out any better. Because while the rest of the teams in the league are clinching their playoff spots and preparing for October baseball, the NL Central race has yet to be won. It has provided some of the best second-half baseball as a result.

And for one more time, a three-game series at Great American Ballpark, fans are going to get to see highly competitive baseball. In fact, it might be the best baseball you’ll have watched all season. Chances are these teams are pitted against each other in the wildcard play-in game anyway so whatever happens to end the regular season is only going to be magnified. Both teams are playing for this one game, and when it comes down to it there is going to be no better baseball to watch.

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