Where Will Philadelphia Phillies’ Cesar Hernandez Play Next Season?

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The Philadelphia Phillies have many decisions to make during the offseason. They have to decide what players are going to stay and which ones will move on, and they have to figure out a coaching staff for new manager Ryne Sandberg. One decision that will also have to be thought about is where will Cesar Hernandez play next season?

Hernandez’s main position has always been second base. He had played it down in the minor leagues and then seven games for the Phillies this season. It came as a surprise when he was taught to play center field.

Hernandez was taught to play center field because of Ben Revere’s injury. Everyone was hesitant if he would be able to fill the position or not, but he has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Now the question remains where will he play next year?

The Phillies have extended Chase Utley’s contract. Unless his knees give out it seems that Hernandez will not get a chance to play second full-time. Revere is expected to make a full recovery from his broken ankle. With the way he was playing before he got injured Revere should be the starting center fielder.

Hernandez could maybe play right field, and I think that he would be perfect for the job. He has the offense along with the speed, and at only 23 years old he has plenty of time to grow and become an even better player.

This season Hernandez has played in 27 games with an average of .308, 28 hits, and eight RBI. Imagine what he could do with more at bats as he only had 91.

The Phillies have a decision to make if they want to keep Hernandez in the Major Leagues. I think it would be the best decision as he is young and brings a lot of talent to the team in multiple ways.

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  • Luis

    He will be on board as a backup 2B,CF,PH and PR. I dont believe they will make him a starter just yet without seen more from him. The Phillies have been reluctant to hand any over stating positional job over to a rookie without first easing him in the role. Hernandez appears to have talent an if they dont have him on the roster next year he would be exposed to the Rule 5 draft. Thus another reason he was taught to play another position. His glove profiles as average so teaching him SS was a iffy proposition. However he has the speed to be taught CF. Since he has no power awarding him the other OF position with Revere is questionable. Though it will be interesting as both Revere and Hernandez will provide you with speed.