Has Roy Halladay Kept His Last Secret From Philadelphia Phillies?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Roy Halladay wants to be the best pitcher in baseball. He wants to be the best for the Philadelphia Phillies. How can he be the best when he keeps his health a secret?

Halladay is supposed to be a leader for the Phillies. He is a veteran pitcher. The rookies look up to him and listen to the advice that he offers them. Lately, he has not been someone they should be looking up to.

Halladay likes to keep information to himself. The information is regarding his health. This not only hurts him, but it hurts his teammates and the fans. It hurts everyone as it raises the changes for the Phillies to lose as Halladay would certainly not be on his “A” game.

Pitching hurt also could further the damage and cause him not to pitch in the future. Halladay has done this during the season. He would go out to the mound when he knew his shoulder was bothering him. He did not want to give up the ball to someone else. In my opinion, this was him being selfish. He may not have thought it was serious, but it was hurting the team. He could have been getting healthy during the time he was pitching.

Another secret was revealed last night. Halladay did not make it through the first inning down in Miami. It first came out that his right arm was fatigued. Then Halladay came to say that he had been fighting a dietary illness that was recently diagnosed and that he had been taking medication for. If he knew about this, why would he not let manager Ryne Sandberg know?

He could have had a bad reaction to the medication and something more serious could have happened to him. Halladay is not the only one on the team. He has to think of more than just himself. These secrets may have led to the end of Halladay’s career with the Phillies. It seems as if he has nothing left in his arm. It will be interesting to see if he can come back in 2014 and be close to the way he used to be.

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