Los Angeles Dodgers: Is Clayton Kershaw A $200 Million Man?

By Michael Pidgeon
Clayton Kershaw
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Magic Johnson and company have taken over ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers, money no longer seems to be an issue. That could mean big things this offseason for Clayton Kershaw. There is no chance the Dodgers let Kershaw walk, and there is no chance Kershaw gets more money than the Dodgers are willing to pay him since there no longer seems to be a team willing to spend as much as the Dodgers now spend. Dominate south paws are so hard to come upon in baseball, so when a team has one, they generally always get paid. Considering Kershaw is the best lefty, and arguably the best pitcher in all of baseball, there is no chance he doesn’t hit the jackpot this offseason. But is that jackpot $200 million?

Kershaw has never had an ERA over 3.00 since his rookie season, and the past three years he has had the best ERA out of every pitcher in baseball. He won the NL Cy Young two years ago, finished second last year, and appears to be on his way to his second CY Young award this year, which would give him two in three years. Kershaw led the National League in strikeouts two out of the past three years, and has been an All-Star in each of the past three seasons. He should also be in the top consideration of National League MVP this year as well. The comparisons to Sandy Koufax never seem to end, and the crazy part about all of this is that the man is just 25 years old! He still has a whole career ahead of him and he is already considered by some to be the best pitcher in baseball. The only thing Kershaw has yet to do is get that long term contract which will have him set for the rest of his life.

There are a lot of crazy contracts given out each offseason. Either a team overpays an older player in a bidding war, or a player who has a career postseason gets paid the big bucks and never lives up to the contract. Those two things occur just about every offseason, but if the Dodgers were to give Kershaw $200 million to stay in Los Angeles, who could or would honestly blame them? You don’t let a perennial All-Star, Cy Young winner and possible MVP go, and you especially don’t let them go when those three qualities are all rolled into one player. Kershaw is guaranteed to get paid this offseason, and $200 million is not out of the question!

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