Should Milwaukee Brewers Shut Down Jean Segura?

By Michael Terrill
Should Milwaukee Brewers Shut Down Jean Segura
Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers are debating whether or not to shut down shortstop Jean Segura for the rest of the 2013 Major League Baseball season. The reason for the debate is because Segura has been dealing with a nagging hamstring for quite some time. In my opinion, there should be no debate. In fact, with six games left his season should be done.

“If the hamstring doesn’t come around, [missing the rest of the season] is obviously a possibility,” manager Ron Roenicke said, according to “But I’m expecting it to come around a little faster than that. If it does, we’ll get him back out there. But [we’re] not putting him at risk to do it again.”

There is no reasonable excuse for why Roenicke wants Segura to get back out on the field if he is up for it. The only thing I can possibly think of is that Segura wants to record a .300 batting average for the season. That is legitimate because he would become only the second shortstop in franchise history to accomplish the feat. Considering he currently has a .296 batting average it would not take much to record his goal.

With that being said, Segura is the future of the team. He is certainly going to be one of the faces of the franchise going forward, which means the organization cannot afford to see his injuries get worse. After playing the most baseball of his entire life, Segura clearly needs to rest. There is absolutely no reason for him to keep playing, especially when Milwaukee’s season has been over for quite some time.

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