What Does Delino Deshields Jr's Move To Outfield Mean For Houston Astros?

By Josh Sippie
Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

Of all the Houston Astros‘ minor league talents, Delino Deshields Jr. may not get the publicity he deserves. He was in the Futures Game in 2013, and that was good to see, but compared to guys like George Springer and Jonathan Singleton, he’s just not as notorious.

The son of the MLB second baseman of the same name, the Astros surprised more than a few when they took Deshields eighth overall in 2010. At only 18 years of age, Deshields has always had his speed going for him, and at second base, he had a lane to the majors.

Except, of course, for Jose Altuve.

When the Astros gave Altuve his new contract, the door closed for years to come for all aspiring Houston Astros second basemen, which included Deshields, who was starting to come into his element.

The solution? Move him.

The move means a lot for the Astros. First of all, it reaffirms their commitment to Altuve, who will make the most out of his opportunity. Secondly, it shows Deshields that the Astros want him on their team; they are putting in the effort to clear a path for him to the majors. The move shows just as much commitment to Altuve as it does to Deshields.

Deshields had a fantastic 2013 season, hitting .317 while cutting down immensely on his strikeout numbers, which had been a problem for him. He went from 131 strikeouts last year to 91 this year. While his steals went from 101 to 51, that’s no cause for concern. Speed has been, and always will be, Deshields’ ticket to the majors.

It’s an exciting move that Deshields’ father approved as well. The commitment is there, and the Astros are handling the cluster of talent in the minors masterfully.

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