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5 Reasons Why Minnesota Twins Should Fire Ron Gardenhire

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5 Reasons The Minnesota Twins Should Fire Ron Gardenhire

Rick Osentoski - USA Today Sports

As the Minnesota Twins end another season dangerously close to 100 losses, one can only wonder if next year will be any better.

The blame always gets thrown in a million different directions following a losing season for any organization, and Ron Gardenhire finds himself front and center this year. Obviously, there are a number of factors outside of the manager that contribute to a failed season: hitting, pitching, upper management, minor league talent, etc.

It seems, however, that many Twins fans are fed up with Gardenhire’s recent struggles and believe it is time to go in a different direction.

Gardy has been beloved by Minnesota fans since taking the managerial job following Tom Kelly’s retirement in 2001. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Gardenhire’s era of success is long over, and the Twins now find themselves in a tough situation. In early July, Twins GM Terry Ryan dismissed all rumors that the organization would be hiring a new manager for 2014. Though the Twins were already struggling at that point in the season, it was not unreasonable to think that Gardy could turn it around and find himself back in the dugout for 2014.

Now it seems inevitable that Ryan will be considering a managerial switch in 2014. The talk of a new manager has only gotten louder as the Twins have plummeted in the past two months.

If the Twins keep Gardenhire, they could find themselves in this same position next September. At the end of the day, Gardenhire has a job and he's not performing. Now is the time to say goodbye to Gardy.

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5. He's out of chances

Rick Osentoski - USA Today Sports

Plain and simple, Gardenhire's contract is up and he has done nothing in recent years to show a desire for it to be extended.

Gardy went into the 2013 season knowing it could be his last, and still displayed a lackluster attitude towards winning. The Twins struggled across the board and while his players obviously have to perform, it is his job to prepare them.

If Gardenhire is unintentionally throwing in the towel, let's let him do it so we can all just move on already.

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4. He has lost touch with his players

lost touch
Rick Osentoski

The chemistry that once flourished between Gardy and his players now seems to be nonexistent.

While it is not Gardenhire's fault that players are constantly being called up and sent down, he seems to have no handle on what to do with them when they arrive.

The inconsistencies throughout the entire depth chart show that Gardenhire is struggling to find the right fits at each position. Gardy seems disconnected from his team in post-game interviews and no longer carries the same sense of understanding and endearment toward his players. Most of the time, it appears that Gardy just has no clue what to do.

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3. The Twins needs a fresh face

Kim Klement - USA Today Sports

Minnesota is in dire need of some excitement. The hype among Twins fans has significantly dropped since the last major change that occurred in the form of a new stadium.

Not only should the Twins organization be looking to bring in some intriguing and talented new players, they should also be looking to make changes in management.

The consistency that the Twins have maintained is impressive as they have only had two managers since 1980 (Kelly and Gardenhire). However, it is only a matter of time until a manager becomes too comfortable and begins to slack on his duties.

Twins fans have learned to love Gardy, but they are slowly turning away as he continues to drive their team into the ground. A new manager would bring much-needed excitement to Target Field.

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2. He's a hot head

Debby Wong - USA Today Sports

While it's not a bad quality to have a passion for defending your players, Gardenhire takes it to a whole new level.

In his 11 seasons, Gardenhire has been ejected 67 times. He maintains the highest average of ejections among all managers currently in the major leagues. Over the entire course of MLB history, Gardy ranks ninth overall in highest number of ejections.

Having a manager who is consistently removing himself from the field presents difficulties for the Twins. Minnesota needs a leader who is able to keep a level head in tough situations.

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1. Minnesota can't afford a fourth straight losing season

Don Mcpeak - USA Today Sports

Minnesota has already endured three consecutive losing seasons, and quite frankly cannot afford a fourth -- literally: Minnesota's revenue has plummeted in the past seasons.

Supporters of Gardy would recommend that naysayers remember that he once led the Twins to six playoff appearances. Of these six, however, Gardenhire has only taken his team past the the American League Division series one time. Gardy clearly encounters trouble leading his team through the pressures of the postseason.

Not to mention, those glory days are long over. The Twins haven't been remotely close to the playoffs since 2010. It's time to end the drought.