Arizona Diamondbacks: Didi Gregorius' At Risk Of Losing His Starting Gig?

By Randy Holt
Didi Gregorius
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As we near the end of the 2013 regular season, things haven’t gone well at all, in basically every facet of the game, for the Arizona Diamondbacks. These last few weeks have been more about preparing for next year, rather than finishing the year on a high note.

One intriguing situation to watch as this season ends and we head into the offseason is found at the shortstop position. Didi Gregorius, who held down the starting gig for most of the year (to the surprise of many), could be at risk of losing his job heading into 2014.

The reason for that is the emergence of Chris Owings. Owings was a force at the plate throughout the year in the minor leagues, and has fared well in limited September action with the Diamondbacks. Which does throw Gregorius’ future into a bit of limbo moving forward.

Gregorius was terrific early on in the year. Injuries forced him into the spotlight, and he delivered. His average over the course of the first two months of the year was up over .320. Since that point, however, he’s flirted with the Mendoza line, barely managing to stay over .200.

What does this mean for his status with the Diamondbacks? Not much at this point. Owings does look like the real deal, so a trade isn’t completely out of the question, especially with the Diamondbacks infield already looking pretty crowded as it is. Kirk Gibson has already said that he’d prefer that the two don’t split time. Which opens up some interesting possibilities when the offseason officially rolls around.

It’s impossible to say that Gregorius is a goner, or that he’s even lost his starting job at this point. He has the skill set to be a very successful player there. However, what this does is set up a very intriguing positional battle for next spring, assuming that both are still around.

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