Detroit Tigers' Max Scherzer Fittingly Gets Chance To Clinch Division

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Max Scherzer has been one of the biggest pieces as to why the Detroit Tigers are just one win away from locking up the AL Central for the third straight year in a row, and so it only makes sense that it would be Scherzer who will take the mound with the chance to lock up the race.

It has been a year of personal bests for Scherzer especially in the win column, notching 20 wins and adding to a resume that is looking more and more like that of an AL Cy Young winner. If he can come up with another huge start tonight, you can begin to etch his name into the award right now.

It hasn’t been a perfect season for the Tigers, or even Scherzer for that matter. Both struggled at points, but it is looking more and more like both are going to get where they wanted in the end. It might have been a little closer than anyone would have liked, but it looks as if the Detroit Tigers are going to be labeled AL Central champions and Max Scherzer is going to be labeled AL Cy Young.

So tonight hopefully will offer a touch of finality to both the AL Central and Cy Young races. Both Scherzer and the Tigers are looking for much more but for now, they will absolutely settle on reaching these milestones. The goals and starts will only get more and more crucial from this point forward, but you can’t reach those goals without the work that Scherzer and the Tigers have put in over the previous 157 games.

It’s time to lock up these two goals and move on to bigger ones.

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