Detroit Tigers' Offense Biggest Obstacle In Way Of Championship

By Brent Smith
Kim Klement- USA TODAY Sports

Statistics can get the story right many times, but one thing it doesn’t tell is the effectiveness of the Detroit Tigers‘ offense. Early blowouts inflated an offense that is more sleepy than Rip Van Winkle in the majority of nights. Simply put, the Tigers offense is going to be the biggest burden in the way of the team winning the World Series.

Isn’t this the team with Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Victor Martinez and Torii Hunter? Why would an offense so stacked with incredible names and future Hall of Famers be a barrier to a World Series victory?

The simple way to say it is the bottom of the lineup. It has been a problem for the Tigers for years now, and it seems to be case again even after the Tigers tried to fill the holes it had from the last couple years. The constant story of the Tigers’ offense is to get base runners in droves, and then the bottom of the order comes up and fails to drive them in.

If the Tigers fail to score with the bases loaded and no outs one more time, you may need to help me clean up the remnants of my broken television set.

The blame goes everywhere as to why an offense with this power continues to experience more ups and downs than Amanda Bynes. No one knows the answer as to why this team can’t be better doing the simple things, and you’d hope that the intensity of the playoffs will help them focus more than say, a regular season game with the Minnesota Twins.

But if they can’t do it against the Twins, why should fans trust that they can do it in the heat of October? The pitching is set, the bullpen is as good as it’s going to be — the biggest factor is going to be the offense. That is why there are a lot of question marks around Detroit and its fan base.

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