Giancarlo Stanton is Right; Miami Marlins’ Home Needs Closer Fences

By David Miller
Giancarlo Stanton
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Giancarlo Stanton makes news with the Miami Marlins all the time. If he isn’t rumored to be traded to some team then he is in the spotlight for a big home run or diving catch. Even bad news is news and Stanton’s down season has been reason for buzz as well. While he never said that his down season was tied to the fences in Marlins Park, Stanton did come out recently in an interview on the official Marlins site saying the fences should be pulled in.

Normally that kind of talk is something I would argue with and put down as gibberish. After all if one team doesn’t hit a ton of homers then their pitching staff doesn’t give up a ton of homers either. It should usually work itself out in the end. Stanton is right about this though. I have to agree that there really isn’t any specific reason that the center field wall needs to be 418 feet away.

The park is decent down the lines, deep in the alleys but it is between the alleys where the wall is way back there and really tall. One reason Stanton is right about this is that the ball already doesn’t carry well in the park. They are usually last in homers by the ballpark and were again this season. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but down attendance is.

Yes, home runs put rear ends in the seats, well home runs and Jose Fernandez. People enjoy seeing a few doubles strung together but there is something special about a long ball as well that will bring people out to the park. They don’t need to do anything drastic anywhere but in center. They should bring the wall in from gap to gap and watch the home runs go up and the seats begin to fill.

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