Jack Zduriencik Gets a Chance But Likely Won’t Give Same to Eric Wedge

By David Miller
Jack Zduriencik
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There is very good news coming from the Seattle Mariners right now. Ladies and gentlemen it appears that the ownership of the team believe in second chances so they are looking the other way in the years of bad teams that have arrived in town and giving GM Jack Zduriencik another chance at the helm. What he does with that will be anyone’s guess but one of his moves is almost a certainty. He probably will fire manager Eric Wedge.

I have a fundamental problem with that. Zduriencik can walk around and wait for the long term prospects he signed in recent years to come to the top so that everyone can see if they can build a winner with good young players. At the same time however, he will likely not extend the same hand of grace to Wedge and give him the same benefit of the doubt with the bad teams over the recent years.

Why in the world can’t they all just give each other a few years to see if they can win with talented young players? Wouldn’t it be that much sweeter if it happened with Wedge at the helm, toughing it out through the hard years and such? I guess someone has to be held responsible for the teams that have not been performing on the field.

Surely that can’t be the guy that signed them all to strangely short free agent contracts and gave his manager a rook hand to play with. No way, it must be the guy who nearly killed himself this season stressing over how to get the most out of his team. Yeah, let the GM take his money and blame the other guy. That’s real stand-up business for you. Congrats Zduriencik, you make me sick.

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