Los Angeles Dodgers: Will Dee Gordon Be Starter In 2014?

By Michael Pidgeon
Dee Gordon
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an abundant amount of prospects in the minor leagues, some of which haven’t even stepped foot into Dodger stadium yet.

But there is one minor leaguer who has been up and down with the Dodgers for the past few years. Dee Gordon, the son of former MLB pitcher Tom Gordon, has had numerous opportunities to gain traction and get himself a starting spot on the Dodgers. Sadly, his career has been one step forward, two steps back to this point.

Unfortunately, he may be running out of opportunities within the Dodgers organization and he needs to step up and prove that he has the ability to be an everyday player, and not just someone who pinch-hits and pinch-runs for steals. Because as of right now, getting steals is the only thing Dee has going for himself.

In 2011 Dee played in 56 games while stealing 24 bases and batting .304. However, after that surge at a young age, he hasn’t done much to brag about. He stole 32 bases in 87 games in 2012, but only managed a lousy .228 batting average. He hasn’t been much better this year, batting .239 with 10 steals in 34 games.

The hot corner has been the Dodgers’ Achilles’ heel since Adrian Beltre left town for greener pastures. Juan Uribe has been adequate this year, but his contract is up this offseason; with the Dodgers likely adding to their expensive payroll by giving Clayton Kershaw a huge extension, the Dodgers might be best to promote from within, and this could be Dee’s best chance to finally get that opening day roster spot.

I understand Hanley Ramirez has been quoted as saying he enjoys playing shortstop more than being at third base, but every athlete needs to make a decision at some point that will help their team more than it helps themselves, and Hanley moving to third base to make room for the potential of Gordon at short is an easy one to make.

Plus, on the bright side, it should be in the back of Hanley’s mind that if Dee can’t hit for a decent average or his fielding is below par, that the shortstop position may be his again sooner rather than later. Either way, Dee needs to find a way to start for the Dodgers, or get out of town and find another team that he can hopefully develop with.

At the age of 25, he doesn’t have much more time to develop before a team gives up on him.

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