MLB Rumors: Mike Trout Not Sold on Staying With Los Angeles Angels Long-Term?

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Trout
USA Today Sports

Mike Trout has emerged on the scene as one of MLB‘s brightest stars over the past two seasons. It all started with his call-up early on in 2012 and the outfielder hasn’t looked back since. So far in his young career, Trout is hitting .314 while averaging over 90 RBI, 30 HR and 40 SB on a 162-game basis. That stacks up with the best in the game. So you would think that it’s a given that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will try to lock him up long-term. Although they don’t truly have to worry about it for another four years when his contract comes up.

But to this point, there haven’t been any talks between Trout and the Angles about his future with the team. That’s according to the outfielder’s agent, Craig Landis, who recently commented on the issue. So that in itself, isn’t surprising. Trout is under contract through 2017 and given all the money the Angels currently have on the books, they probably aren’t in any hurry to re-up Trout.

However, the young star himself did pour a little fuel on the speculation fire by saying this:

“It’s about time to start looking for a house. I’m trying to see what direction my career takes me. Do I want to buy a house out here or some other place?”

And the plot thickens…

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People are of course reading heavily into those comments and some believe Trout is saying that he is indeed going to take his talents elsewhere when his contract is up. I don’t see it that way. I view the comments as Trout letting the Angels know that they need to give him a new contract sooner, rather than later. He’s said that he likes playing for the franchise, and who can blame him? Playing baseball in sunny California is a sweet gig.

We’ll see how all this plays out (and we have plenty of time), but these comments are nothing more than Trout blowing a little smoke.


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