Philadelphia Phillies: Freddy Galvis Should Return for 2014 Season

By matthewregan
Freddy Galvis
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Phillies Freddy Galvis got the start at third base against the Miami Marlins last night. That could mean a number of things, but one thing is for sure: you will most likely see him back for the 2014 MLB season. Who knows what could happen to the young Cody Asche, but Galvis will be playing ball in Philadelphia come next spring.

Galvis brings a lot to the Phillies ball club. Obviously, his below par batting is not anything to shout about. In 66 games, Galvis only batted .233 with five doubles and four triples. He also recorded 43 strikeouts, five more than Carlos Ruiz and seven more than Ben Revere. Both of those players played in more games and had more at bats than Galvis.

Clearly, it is not his bat, rather his glove that keeps the Phillies interested. This season, Galvis has played second, shortstop, third and left field. Playing in all those positions, he has committed only three errors and turned 22 double plays. Although he has not played close to a full season, he has made numerous spectacular plays while he was on the field. His defense speaks for itself.

It is difficult to accept Galvis onto the current Phillies team. The team is currently just above the last-place Marlins, tied with the New York Mets at 21 games back of first place. A lot of changes are coming in the future, and many are probably thinking, “How could they keep Galvis? His bat is horrendous.”

The truth is, Galvis will never be an everyday starter. He doesn’t have the capability to sustain respectable numbers at the plate for over 100 games. He does, however, give the team a much-needed glove off the bench. An average of .233 is also not the worst for a player who gets scattered playing time. He can even give you a little extra speed on the basepaths and turn a botched play into extra bases.

Don’t rule Galvis out for the 2014 Phillies. Big changes are coming for the team, and he is one of the minor players who appear to have a decent chance at sticking around. Look to see him in red next season.

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