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5 Managers Who Must Deliver in 2013 MLB Playoffs To Avoid The Ax

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MLB Playoffs 2013: 5 Managers Who Must Deliver To Avoid The Ax

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The heat of the postseason gets so intense that it may just set fire to a few well known managers. While some teams' goals are to just reach a postseason, the teams who these managers are employed by are not just satisfied with reaching the playoffs; they want to win it all and anything less would be deemed a disappointment.

Some of the managers are on this list because if their own success. They have done such a good job in the past that the fan base will be outraged with any less results than what they are used to and more. Other managers listed may be a little younger into their term but have a team that is so heavily invested in that if they can't get the job done there may be an investment into a new manager who can.

You may argue that managers are fired too quickly off a season's disappointment, but you can be sure that there is going to be heavy discussion about firing at least one of the managers listed if not more depending on how these 2013 MLB Playoffs shake out. It's not an easy job being a coach or manager in professional sports. Some would say it's not fair, but if these five managers do not deliver in the postseason they could be finding themselves looking in the wanted ads for job opportunities.

Without further ado, here are the 5 MLB managers who must find a way to deliver in the postseason in order to keep their jobs.

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5. Dusty Baker

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The Cincinnati Reds fan base got pretty angry when the Reds blew a 2-0 series lead in a five-game set with the San Francisco Giants last season. If Dusty Baker can't get by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Wild Card game those cries will get a little louder.

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4. Fredi Gonzalez

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If there is one thing Atlanta Braves fans are tired of it's early postseason exits. Fredi Gonzalez and the Braves failed last season in the wild card game they were favored to win, and now with being in front of the National League for nearly the entire season means another early exit will turn the heat up tremendously on Gonzalez.

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3. Don Mattingly

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It's amazing Don Mattingly is still employed after the way the season started. Now expectations are back to where they were preseason and any quick exit is going to bring back those ill feelings toward Mattingly. There's a lot of money riding on this postseason for the LA Dodgers and maybe even a managerial job.

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2. Jim Leyland

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It's win now for the Detroit Tigers and Jim Leyland who have come extremely close a few times. Jim Leyland has always walked the tight rope, but one fall could quickly end his tenure in Motown.

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1. Ron Washington

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If the Texas Rangers do not catch the Cleveland Indians and make a significant run you will be seeing Ron Washington on the job market. Fair or unfair Ron Washington needs a deep, meaningful playoff run to keep his job, and he has four games left to try and get his team a chance at that.