5 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Pirates Will Win the 2013 World Series

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Pittsburgh Pirates Will Win World Series, Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Pittsburgh Pirates Will Win World Series, Here Are 5 Reasons Why
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Pirates fans should be happy with how the 2013 season has progressed. Most people entered this season with hopes of the Bucs finally breaking the streak of 20 consecutive losing seasons; the Pirates have broken that streak and done way more. How far can the Pirates take this though?

As a fan of the Pirates, I have watched every pitch since game one. It looks to me like they're a team that has a legitimate shot at going all the way to the World Series and possibly even winning it. Unlike other sports, baseball is impossible to predict. The best team in the regular season could find themselves eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

The playoffs aren’t here yet, but they are extremely close. The Pirates start a huge series on Friday night against the Cincinnati Reds, and whoever wins that series will have home-field advantage for the one-game Wild Card playoff that takes place on Tuesday. It seems extremely fitting that the Reds and the Pirates, two teams that absolutely hate each other, will be fighting for a shot to make it into the “real” playoffs.

This is why nothing in baseball is automatic. More than any other sport, the worst teams in baseball are able to sometimes beat the best teams. The playoffs usually come down to whoever has the best pitching staff at the time, and the Pirates have had that for a large portion of the 2013 season. In this slideshow, we will take a look at a few reasons why the Pirates will win the World Series.

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5. Starting Rotation Is Good

Starting Rotation Is Good
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Francisco Liriano, A.J. Burnett, Charlie Morton and Gerrit Cole will be the Pirates’ playoff rotation. Liriano is a Cy Young award candidate, Morton is a ground ball machine, Burnett is a veteran that can hopefully provide some good innings and Cole is a rookie that shows tremendous poise in pressure situations.

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4. Back End of the Bullpen

Back End of the Bullpen
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The Pirates have had the best bullpen in baseball for the entire season. Led by Jason Grilli, Mark Melancon and Tony Watson, the Pirates will have an advantage over any other team after the sixth inning. Grilli was named the postseason closer for the Pirates last week, with Melancon going back to his eighth-inning role.

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3. Veteran Leadership

Veteran Leadership
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The Pirates have some guys that have “been there before”. A.J. Burnett and Russell Martin have been leaders all season, and that isn’t going to change in the postseason.

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2. Great Defense

Great Defense
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Thanks to Clint Hurdle and the Pirates’ coaching staff, the Pirates have had the best defensive efficiency in baseball this season. The Pirates have made excellent use of the defensive shifts that have become so popular in baseball in recent years. The Pirates’ defense is led by Russell Martin behind the plate, Starling Marte in left field and Clint Barmes at shortstop.

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1. His Name Is Andrew McCutchen

His Name Is Andrew McCutchen
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Andrew McCutchen is probably going to win the National League MVP. How many teams have the MVP on their team? Only one: the Pirates. McCutchen is a great leader and a very talented baseball player, playing at a huge position in center field. If anyone can carry a team to the World Series, it is him.