Atlanta Braves’ Brian McCann is a Hero for Standing Up to Carlos Gomez

By David Miller
Brian McCann
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Sometimes things happen in sports that everyone agrees is a great thing for the people involved and for the sport itself. Other times there are happenings that everyone can agree hurt the game and people involved. After the Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee Brewers game turned into a stare down between Carlos Gomez and anyone standing near him, I figured everyone would agree that was terrible for Major League Baseball. I assumed everyone would agree that what Brian McCann did was necessary and the right thing to do. Apparently I was wrong.

Some of what I have seen today backs up what I thought but here and there I have seen snide comments about McCann wanting all celebrations ended and poking fun at him for standing up for his pitcher in front of only a few thousand fans. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did these people see the same thing I saw? This was nothing like the Jose Fernandez incident a few weeks ago against the Miami Marlins. The only reason that emptied benches is because when two ballplayers stop each other and chat about something during the game, the benches just have to clear.

This was different. I wonder if anyone thinking McCann didn’t do the right thing saw the insane look in Gomez’s eyes as he stalked back and forth in front of home plate. This is a guy that looked like he wanted to kill Paul Maholm, much less hit a home run off of him. And what should the Braves have done when the moron runs his mouth all the way around the bases? That is embarrassing for the Brewers and for the game of baseball as a whole.

Was McCann just supposed to bite his lip and let the insanity flow then have his pitcher throw at someone’s head the next time through the order? Come on! This was a way better solution than that. McCann saw something that was just as wrong in that game as it would have been in a sandlot in suburban New York City and put a stop to it half way down the baseline. Forget showing up pitchers, you can’t treat other people the way Gomez did. Someone should have taught him that lesson when he was a kid but I guess they missed it.

The result wasn’t a situation that made McCann look bad, Gomez looked like an idiot stalking around the dugout glaring at his own players like he just had to get his hands on someone. I’ll tell you two things. First of all from the size difference and the look in McCann’s eyes, I doubt very seriously that Gomez wanted anything to do with him at all. It would not have ended well for Gomez. Secondly, Gomez should remember as he carries his bat around like a weapon that the man standing 60’-6” away from him has a baseball that he can throw 90-100 mph nearly anywhere he wants and learn to respect his opponent if he ever expects an opponent to respect him.

The Brewers should sit this loose cannon down on the bench for the balance of the season for doing what he did. The Braves should forget whatever losses they would take and sign McCann to an extension because every time he shows the type of leader he is, I want him back in a Braves uniform next season that much more.

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