Bud Selig Makes Correct Choice, Announces Retirement Following 2014 Season

By Connor Muldowney
Bud Selig
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As the commissioner of MLB for the past 21 years, Bud Selig is set to announce his retirement from the game on Thursday afternoon. Having taken over the role of commissioner in 1992, no one knew what to think about the new man in charge, but he has handled situations and scandals quite well, earning the distinction of many as the best commissioner in all of major sports.

He has fought through player strikes and a cancelled World Series to become on of the most respected guys around baseball. However, it’s not so easy to be liked when you are making rules and laying down the law, some people are bound to disagree with you and that’s what he has experienced in his time as acting commissioner from 1992-98 and commissioner from 1999-present.

He is expected to announce his retirement from the position effective January 2015 — meaning he will have one full season left as the head man. Selig has floated the idea of retiring around for quite some time. In fact, in 2006, he said he was going to retire in 2009, but then signed a contract extension and then another that lasted until 2014. Now he says it’s really time to hang up the figurative ‘gavel’.

Selig will always earn the most respect for how he handled the September 11th events in 2001 when he ordered all baseball games to be postponed, giving the country some time to mourn over the loss of loved ones and time to reflect and become stronger as a nation.

Baseball has become more popular under Selig’s reign both in financial numbers and just pure popularity. He has overcome the “Steroid Era” to become one of the best commissioners in recent memory.

Congratulations, Bud.

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