Can Los Angeles Dodgers Have Success in Postseason Without Healthy Andre Ethier?

By Michael Terrill
Can Los Angeles Dodgers Have Success in Postseason Without Healthy Andre Ethier
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been revealed that Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier could miss the team’s first postseason series next week due to his ankle injury. The only way he plays is if he is able to run the bases without pain. Unfortunately, he has been unsuccessful in doing so. If Ethier is unable to suit up in the National League Division Series, will the Dodgers be able to move on to the next round?

Ethier is by no means a top offensive threat on the team, but he certainly provides enough at the plate to be a difference maker. Not to mention, he also has improved his game on defense. There is no question the Dodgers could lose sleep over wondering if he will be able to take the field.

The good news is the 31-year-old is optimistic about his chances of returning in time for the playoffs.

“Five days ago, I was wearing a boot in Arizona,” Ethier said, according to “Yesterday I was shagging balls in the outfield. So who knows, maybe I wake up tomorrow and it feels good.”

Unfortunately, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly has a more realistic approach.

“I think you’re always making plans with different scenarios,” Mattingly told “I’m a little worried about him, just because it didn’t look very good yesterday and he wasn’t running really very hard when it happened.

“Again, I’d like to be really optimistic. Hopefully it’s something that a couple of days maybe. It seemed like we had the same type of thing with Matt (Kemp), where it was a little anxious about turning and the next thing you know two days later he was rolling. That’d be great. But we’ll just see.”

Los Angeles has enough fire power to defeat anyone they face in the NL. However, not having Ethier could also create all sorts of problems. I personally believe the Dodgers should not be overly concerned. At this point, the focus needs to be on achieving another goal instead of who will be healthy enough to play.

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