MLB Did The Right Thing By Suspending Carlos Gomez and Reed Johnson

By Adam Krentz
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After the events of Wednesday night’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves, MLB has decided to suspend Carlos Gomez and Reed Johnson one game each, and I’m actually shocked with how well the league handled the situation.

Considering the circumstances, MLB could have gotten away with harsher punishments, and not many people outside of Braves’ country would even blink an eye if they suspended Brian McCann and Freddie Freeman.

There’s no doubt that the way Gomez conducted himself after his home run was unacceptable and that his shocking display of unsportsmanlike behavior deserved punishment, but I could see MLB suspending McCann for defending his team and his field.

What McCann did was one of the more awesome things you’ll see in professional sports, he literally denied Gomez from scoring. Sure, the umpires gave Milwaukee the run but as it stands, Gomez never touched that plate.

People are starting to think of McCann as some bully who thinks he can tell people how the game is meant to be played, but those people just don’t know him like those who’ve watched him for years do. He’s one of the nicer guys in the game, you’ll rarely see him get angry. To see him deny Gomez access to the plate just shows how over the line Gomez really went.

I was mostly concerned about a suspension for Freeman. While it’s totally clear that he didn’t intend to elbow one of the Brewers holding him back, he clearly did. The guys up in MLB obviously had clear and logical minds when they passed down their decision on the suspensions. I have to say I’m surprised, but pleasantly so.

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