New York Mets Rumors: Robinson Cano Is A Bad Idea

By Bryan Zarpentine

One of the biggest names on the free agent market this season will be New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. Obviously, the Yankees will have the inside track on re-signing him, and with the season they’ve had, they need to retain him. However, if the Yankees balk at Cano’s asking price, which is a ridiculous $305 million over 10 years, rumors indicate that the New York Mets could jump into contention to sign Cano.

Cano may seem like the kind of player the Mets need, and being able to stay in New York would make the Mets an attractive option for Cano if he doesn’t return to the Yankees; but as tempting it would be for GM Sandy Alderson, signing Cano may not be such a good idea for the Mets.

Cano’s asking price is beyond unreasonable with regard to both money and years. The Mets will finally have a reasonable amount of money to spend on free agents this winter after being handcuffed over the last few years because of big contracts like the one Cano is seeking.

The Mets can’t afford to get caught in that predicament again by giving a lot of money and committing a lot of years to one player, especially when that will soon be past his prime, no matter how tantalizing Cano may be.

Moreover, the Mets don’t necessarily need to make a change at second base. Daniel Murphy has been a streaky hitter throughout his career, but he has put together a fine season, hitting .285/.318/.414, while starting to show some improvement defensively. Compared to its other needs, upgrading second base shouldn’t be one of the Mets’ top priorities this offseason.

Even if rumors indicate the Mets have interest in Cano, it would be a bad idea to sign him when they would be better off using the money they have available to address more pressing needs.

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