New York Yankees Not Making Playoffs Is Sweet Justice?

By Steven Carollo
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

After the New York Yankees lost to the Tampa Bay Rays by a 8-3 last night, the Yankees were officially eliminated from playoff contention.

So, has justice now been served, better late than never, now that the Yankees are not going to the playoffs this season?

What I mean by this is, of course, the fact that Alex Rodriguez was out hurt for most the season and then in late July was once again named for testing positive for using performance enhancing drugs in the Biogenesis scandal. Almost everyone thought the aftermath of this was going to be that ARod would never step on an MLB field for the rest of his life. Man, were we wrong.

Rodriguez spoke to the media and announced he was going to appeal his suspension for for testing positive for PEDs and because of this was allowed to play for the Yankees when he got back from injury. To the shock of many, ARod took the field for the Yankees on Aug. 5 against the Chicago White Sox and went 1-for-4.

Before Rodriguez rejoined the Yankees that eventful night, it was pretty clear the Bronx Bombers were in big trouble and looked as if playoffs were a huge longshot. Not only was ARod missing for most of the year, but so were Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson, as they were also hurt for most of the season.

As a result, the Yankees lineup struggled mightily to score runs, as one would expect. But right around the time ARod came back to Yankees lineup, Rodriguez, and especially teammate Alfonso Soriano, got hot at the right time and helped resurge the Yankees powerless offense and go on a two-month run to try to get back in the playoff race, and they almost succeeded.

It was not until last night, Sept. 25, four days before the end of the regular season, that the Yankees were eliminated from playoff contention. Many fans over the months of August and September, right when the Yankees were making their run, argued that the Yankees should not even be allowed to make the playoffs because of Rodriguez being in their lineup. What would have been said if the Yankees did pull off the comeback would have been some sight to see, but as of right now, those fans can say that the Yankees not making the playoffs this season was sweet justice because of Major League Baseball’s controversial decision to let Rodriguez play another MLB game, further soiling the decaying pastime of America.

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