Philadelphia Phillies’ Cole Hamels Should Be Angry

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have not had the best offense this season. They have scored 599 runs this season which is 27th in all of Major League Baseball. The offense has let down their starting pitchers, especially Cole Hamels. Last night he was going for his 100th career win. No surprise the Phillies were not able to provide the offense to get him to earn that victory. If I were Hamels, I would be angry as that was his last start of the season.

Hamels has been one of the Phillies’ aces this season. He was named opening day starter this season as he had proved that he had matured into a fine pitcher. His record turned out to be 8-14, but it should be better than that. It is due to the offense that Hamels has a losing record.

Hamels for the second straight season, has 200 or more strikeouts (202). Does that sound like a losing record pitcher? I would say no.

Every fifth day Hamels went out and gave his team a chance to win. He rarely came out before the sixth inning. He wanted to make sure that he gave his best effort for his team.

Baseball is a team sport but you can certainly get personal achievements. Hamels deserved to get his 100th career win last night but he didn’t. He should be mad at his teammates as they have let him down all season. It may not be sportsman-like but Hamels has always been a classy guy; he is allowed to let out a little steam.

Sure Hamels can get his 100th win in 2014, but he deserved it this season. It would have brought something happy to a disappointing season. Hopefully Hamels’ teammates won’t let him down as much in 2014.

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