San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum Has Made his Last Start as a Giant

By David Miller
Tim Lincecum
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Perspective can be a very important thing in all parts of life but it certain is when it comes to the status of a Major League Baseball free agent. The San Francisco Giants have quite a few free agent decisions to make and it is unlikely that all of them will be returning for the 2014 MLB season. One of those that will probably be moving on his way is one of the most beloved in Tim Lincecum. The Giants are saying they want him back but I do not believe he will come back.

This is where perspective comes in or point of view, if you will. From the perspective of a team that is searching for pitching like the Los Angeles Angels for example, Lincecum has proven he has all of the talents that made him a superstar readily available and he has proven to be much better than most of their current starters. A signing there would not only be for a lot of money but also would give the Angels what they badly need. They would be ecstatic to gain a starter like Lincecum.

The Giants on the other hand want him back but probably view him as somewhat of a risk because of the last few seasons he has had. He has proven he has the same freakish ability but it hasn’t always been there the last few years and they have witnessed the fact. So, while they would be pumped to get him back it would be different than the point of view of the Angels. The Angels would be jumping up and down yelling and high-fiving each other while the Giants office would be sitting back with crossed legs and rubbing their beards saying, “Let’s see what he can do for us this year.”

Those two different attitudes will lead to a much different contract offer from each team. The Angels are just one possibility of course; lots of teams are looking for good young pitching. I just don’t think Lincecum will want to accept less money to stay with the Giants when he could get more to go compete for a title somewhere else. We’ll see what happens but I feel certain he will not be a Giants starter next season.

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