Should Milwaukee Brewers' Carlos Gomez Be Suspended For Tirade?

By Steven Carollo
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers did something I have never seen in all of my years of watching baseball.

With one out in the top of the first inning in a game against the Atlanta Braves, Gomez took perhaps the violent cut I’ve ever seen at an 0-1 pitch from Paul Maholm, crushing it out of the ballpark in left center for a solo home run. Immediately after Gomez made contact with the ball, he flipped his bat and started taunting Maholm as he rounded the bases …. and just never stopped.

Gomez round the bags while staring down Maholm and viciously taunting him. On his way to home plate, Braves catcher Brian McCann stepped in front of Gomez on the basepath and got in his face; as you can imagine, the problem quickly escalated as both benches cleared and Gomez had to be restrained.

What’s scary is that if you look on replay, Gomez’s own team looked perplexed at whatever Gomez was trying to prove out there. When his own coaches were trying to calm him down, he was trying to shove them away with a wild look in his eye like he wanted blood. Gomez truly looked like a psychopath out there, and his facial expressions show you that he was not in the correct frame of mind by any stretch of the imagination.

It revealed later that Gomez and Maholm have had past history where the hurler beaned Gomez for celebrating a home run a little too much. However, this was not the way to act, and Gomez’s conduct on the field should warrant a suspension.

MLB is already on the decline because of performance-enhancing drugs and greed among players, and now they are going to let thug behavior into the game? I do not care that Gomez apologized to everyone after the game on Twitter.  Baseball cannot let him get away with these actions and must suspend him for at least a game or two.

I know what Gomez did is not as serious as using PEDs but I think baseball has to send some type of statement. I mean honestly, how much is MLB going to let their players get away with without any consequence?

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