Using Sabermetrics to Prove Detroit Tigers Will Win the World Series

By Brent Smith
Jesse Johnson- USA TODAY Sports

Jim Leyland said last year he doesn’t believe sabermetrics were a good indicator of what is going to happen in the future, but certain numbers and stats can be used to study teams in a deeper way. Obviously you can read into so many different statistics that pretty soon you are breaking down how players do when they eat a hamburger as opposed to days they eat a hot dog. Prince Fielder is much better on days he eats hamburgers by the way. So with that in mind it’s important not to go so deep into the stats that you lose the crucial parts of baseball which is that on any given day anything can happen. But stats can be used to give you probability, and the Detroit Tigers have to really like their probability.

Offensively the Tigers are about middle of the road when it comes to run production, and that would be less than impressive if it wasn’t for the amazing numbers the pitchers are posting. The Tigers have four starting pitchers who rank in the top 30 of sabermetric overall pitching effectiveness. Yes, that’s in all of baseball. The Tigers rotation is by far the most impressive sabermetrically blowing away every other rotation, and it will be on the backs of those strong numbers that the Tigers are going to win the World Series.

Pitching wins championships. Sabermetrically speaking and visually speaking the Detroit Tigers have starting pitching that is unmatched by any other team in the postseason. Justin Verlander is the worst sabermetrically, but he would still be an ace on a few teams’ rosters. The Tigers also have the fourth best statistical pitcher in Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez sitting at 12th. Their offense statistically only needs to play average to allow its pitchers the necessary room to carry them to the World Series. Sabermetrics prove the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series this season.

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