Washington Nationals Should be Commended for Fighting as Hard as They Did

By David Miller
Washington Nationals
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To say the Washington Nationals getting officially eliminated from the wildcard playoff hunt was a foregone conclusion is a bit of an understatement. They were way too far out to even seriously think about making the 2013 postseason. It was ridiculous to imagine it to be possible. So, they of course didn’t make it but I will be honest enough to tell you what they did do. They fought harder and went farther than anyone in all of Major League Baseball except their own fans thought they could have.

The related links at the bottom of this article are proof of my previous stance on this issue. I viewed it as almost crazy that they would speak of running the table and winning every single game in the month of September. The crazy thing however turned out to be that for a while there, they just about did. They were easily the best team for the entire month of September until the St. Louis Cardinals stopped them in their tracks this week. The very fact that they made it to this week however is once again bordering on crazy.

Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds fans had to be irritated as they watched the Nats climb higher and higher in the standings but their teams did not falter down the stretch. That is the one and only reason that the Nats didn’t pull off the impossible this season. Both of the current N.L. wildcard teams fought with each other and with the Cardinals so that all of them kept the pressure on themselves. That is what saved them from the awesome month the Nats had.

I am not ashamed to give credit where credit is due. I never thought they would come as close as they did and they are to be commended for making it even something that would be considered a race. As far as this postseason goes, each and every team involved is probably thankful to the stars that the Nats fell a little short. Also, to be officially considered in the wildcard race is to have in a way won the race for them. Going into next season they and everyone else knows exactly what the Nationals will bring to the table and they will not be easy to beat.

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