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Why Your Team Will Suck in 2013 MLB Playoffs

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MLB Playoffs 2013: Why Your Team Will Suck

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Every team has a shaky piece that can unravel the club at any moment. Think of it like Jenga; all it takes is one piece out of a giant tower to send the whole thing collapsing down. The 2013 MLB Playoffs are full of singular people or multiple people who can make your playoff team suck, and when you suck you are not going to hoist up the World Series Trophy.

It could be someone who has sucked all year that could finally do you in when it is all on the line or it could be a guy who had over performed throughout the regular season who all of the sudden decides to suck that causes the tragic end to your hopes and dreams. One thing is for sure, though, many of the people listed as to why your team will suck in the 2013 postseason will not come as much shock to you as fans but there will be a surprise or two that always seem to crop up that no one expected.

Sometimes in the postseason you just get beat by a better team which is acceptable, but the majority of the time there is someone you can blame, someone who made you lose that playoff series and sent you into a life of torment amongst your other sports friends. Bill Buckner I can assure you is still very sorry for what happened almost 30 years ago. Will there be another Bill Buckner? Will there be another Alex Rodriguez ready to go 3-for-26 in the middle of a lineup? Here are some candidates of suck.

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Boston Red Sox: Ryan Dempster

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Very simple here for the Boston Red Sox; they are going to produce runs so it essentially comes down to their rotation. Jake Peavy has been a candidate for suck lately, but Ryan Dempster has made a whole season of greatness or suck. In a pivotal Game 3 or 4 matchup does any Red Sox fan really feel comfortable with run machine Dempster on the mound? I don't think so.

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Tampa Bay Rays: Fernando Rodney

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Fernando Rodney was arguably the Tampa Bay Rays' biggest strength in years past, but this year has been a mess of suck. He has rebounded lately, but he is not as trusted as previous seasons. Closer is one of the biggest positions that could send a team into a tailspin come October.

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Detroit Tigers: Left Field

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Can you spot the missing link in this picture? While this pick may come out of left field for some (I apologize) the thought of Andy Dirks, Matt Tuiasosopo and Don Kelly getting meaningful at bats is enough to make your stomach churn. "Platoon" was a good movie, but it's not a good recipe for success in the postseason.

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Cleveland Indians: Chris Perez

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No surprise here as the king of suck Chris Perez has once again graced us with his appearance. The closer who makes Jose Valverde seem stable surprisingly has not derailed the Cleveland Indians... Yet.

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Oakland A's: Josh Reddick

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Josh Reddick was the guy who started all of the magic for the Oakland Athletics a year and a half ago so his struggles this year have been perplexing. The A's have survived without much help from him, but there is only so long you can go with a giant anchor sitting in the middle of the lineup like Reddick.

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Texas Rangers: Mitch Moreland

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Mitch Moreland is like Chris Davis except for the home run totals, the effectiveness and the productivity. You need better production out of first base if you are going to avoid sucking in the postseason, that is if the Texas Rangers are lucky enough to get themselves there.

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Atlanta Braves: Dan Uggla

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Dan Uggla had Lasik eye surgery during the season, and the Atlanta Braves were okay with it. Mostly because missing two weeks of Dan Uggla is actually better than two weeks with Dan Uggla. His new eyes still can't seem to shake his pension for swinging at everything within 50 feet of the plate, and he is a major piece of the offense which is a major problem for the Braves.

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St. Louis Cardinals: David Freese

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David Freese has had magical postseason runs for the St. Louis Cardinals that propelled them, but the way he has played this season you would have to say he is more likely to damage the Cardinals than help. The Cardinals better not pin their hopes on Freese this year if they want to avoid sucking in the playoffs.

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Pittsburgh Pirates: Garrett Jones

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If a picture says a thousand words then I think this picture says it all. The Pittsburgh Pirates' offense needs more production, but .230 hitter Garrett Jones is likely just going to produce the same if not less against tough National League playoff pitching.

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Cincinnati Reds: Shaky Starting Staff

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This isn't to say that the Cincinnati Reds starting pitching staff has been shaky this year because it hasn't, but one only needs to look at last year against the San Francisco Giants to realize how up and down the members of this staff can be. Homer Bailey can throw a no hitter and then give up eight runs in an inning, and Bronson Arroyo can pitch incredibly or threaten to leave baseball to go surf mid-game. The Reds starting rotation is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

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Los Angeles Dodgers: Yasiel Puig

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Yasiel Puig can giveth, but he can taketh away just as quickly. The guy who has propelled the Los Angeles Dodgers to this point can also be the reason they leave the postseason. At his young age it's easy to see a case where the hype gets to be too much and he struggles mightily in the postseason becoming a distraction and taking away all the progress made in the regular season. As Yasiel Puig goes so do the Dodgers at this point, and that is both a good thing and potentially a very, very bad thing.