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5 Reasons Why Texas Rangers Will Win the 2013 World Series

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5 Reasons Why the Texas Rangers Win the World Series

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The Texas Rangers are attempting to avoid the embarrassment of missing the playoffs after losing their one game playoff last year to the Baltimore Orioles. Similarly to this year, the Rangers held a significant division lead until a debilitating September slide allowed the Oakland Athletics to jump in and win the division.

The hope is that, unlike last year, the Rangers will manage to not just make the playoffs, but do some real damage once the playoffs actually start. Things are already looking better following a sweep of the Houston Astros and Jurickson Profar’s walk-off home run in the first game of the final series against the Los Angeles Angels. If the Rangers can build on that momentum, there’s a good chance they will be a force to be reckoned with in the postseason.

As the Rangers are not the only team vying for that final Wild Card spot, they may have dug themselves into too deep of a hole for any of this to matter. On the chance that isn’t the case, there are a few factors, including some players, which could lead to more success this year than in the previous season.

The Rangers are trying to finish out strong against the Angels as they attempt to catch up from being one game back in the Wild Card race. It certainly won’t be easy, but we’ll leave that to the team. For now, we’ll look ahead and take a look at some of the reasons why the Texas Rangers may actually have a chance to win the World Series.

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5. Adrian Beltre

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Adrian Beltre has been really slumping for the Rangers lately. That much cannot be denied. It looks like in the field, the hamstring issues which have been plaguing him all year have finally caught up to him and really inhibited his ability to be the Gold Glover that he usually is.

At the plate, Beltre looks okay but just isn't making contact. If he can manage to return to playing like he was earlier in the year, since his batting average for the year is .317, then he would really be able to help the Rangers in their endeavor to win big this year.

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4. Yu Darvish

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Yu Darvish has been great in his second year in MLB. It's true that he has had some issues with keeping a lead once he has one, but no player is perfect. It's easy to forget that he is in just his second season in the United States, but that is the case.

His ERA is one of the best in the league, and if he had a few more wins, he would most likely be a lock to take home the American League Cy Young award. One of the biggest issues for Darvish has been run support, which is entirely out of his control. If the team behind him can put up some runs, he's one of the most dominant pitchers in the entire sport.

Having a true ace pitcher becomes even more important in the playoffs, and the Rangers really couldn't ask for a better guy than Darvish. The issue will be whether the team can score enough to make his efforts matter.

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3. Nelson Cruz

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If the Rangers can just manage to hang on and get in the playoffs, then they could potentially get Nelson Cruz back. His suspension is lifted at the end of the season, and he has been playing in the Dominican League to stay in game shape.

Texas hasn't officially made a statement about whether or not Cruz would be welcomed back into the dugout should the team make the playoffs, but he could provide a huge lift to the offense. In the team's two World Series runs, Cruz has had one of the best playoff performances of all time in both trips. He hits .278 with 14 homers and 27 RBIs in 34 playoff games, making it very difficult for the Rangers to reject his services should the opportunity arise.

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2. Ron Washington

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Manager Ron Washington tends to get the most out of his players. For all of his well-documented shortcomings as an in-game strategist, the players really buy into his game plan and appreciate the feeling of camaraderie he values for his club.

His fiery passion could be a blessing when trying to get the team fired up for the playoffs, and his open attitude with the players could be instrumental in welcoming Nelson Cruz back as seamlessly as possible. As long as Washington can avoid his tendency to overmanage, having him in the dugout could be a huge boon for Texas.

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1. Team Chemistry

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The hardest attribute to quantify, but one of the most important team-building aspects is chemistry. By all accounts, the Rangers have some of the best team chemistry in all of sports. It can be seen in the games as well, as the players are constantly laughing and having a good time together.

Where this will come into play the most is in the players not wanting to let their teammates down, and having the pride to finish the season out strong and carry that into the playoffs. Peer pressure is a very, very strong motivator, and its never felt more than when you really care about what your peers think about you the way the Rangers club seems to.