Philadelphia Phillies: It's Hard Not to Feel Bad for Pitcher Tyler Cloyd

By matthewregan
Tyler Cloyd
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Another Philadelphia Phillies pitcher has had his ego and confidence ripped to shreds. As the season dwindles down, the team continues to have less and less options at the pitcher position. The newest victim, Tyler Cloyd. He was left in after being repeatedly hit against in the first inning. He was then brought back in the second even though he previously had allowed five runs.

Ryne Sandberg really did not have a choice. The Phillies have been forced to use the bullpen throughout the last few games. Roy Halladay had gone down in the first inning with dead arm, causing the team to use the bullpen for the entire game. Now with Halladay’s start coming up tomorrow evening, Sandberg must rely on the bullpen.

Unfortunately for the 26-year-old Cloyd, he is forced to fight against the urge to be discouraged and try to get himself through a good portion of the game. That didn’t happen. Cloyd was pulled in the second after only recording three outs on 57 pitches. He was also responsible for all seven runs that the Atlanta Braves scored. Luckily for fans, the bullpen held the Braves for the remainder of the game.

It may be hard to feel sorry for Cloyd. He has posted an ERA of 15.43 in the month of September, without being able to pitch more than five full innings. Obviously, this guy doesn’t have it. Yet because of the lack of pitching availability, he is placed out on the mound to have his confidence torn apart with each hit. The guy should not be up in the majors and hopefully he won’t have to go through this come next season.

Hopefully for the Phillies and the fans, Cliff Lee is able to pitch at least eight innings tonight so the bullpen can rest for their game tomorrow. The team will then most likely close out the season with Zach Miner on the mound. After which the bullpen and fans can take a breath.

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