Are Houston Astros' Youngsters Losing Confidence After All?

By Josh Sippie
Troy Taormina – USA TODAY Sports

It had been a fear all year long that with so many young and promising players on a losing team: will their confidence be shot by the lack of success? Well, it’s hard to argue that the fear isn’t coming true, with the Houston Astros having lost 13 games in a row.

Statistically speaking, the young guys haven’t fallen off all together. Marc Krauss is still hitting .267 in his last ten, and Brett Oberholtzer is still throwing quality starts. But Jonathan Villar is a different story, hitting .103 over the last ten games.

Confidence never seemed to be lacking on the team, so to attribute an all of a sudden confidence loss seems a bit hasty.

For the third season in a row, the Astros have set a franchise record for losses, and yet this is the year that has shown the most promise of the past three. It seems strange, yet it makes sense, that the future is unclear for the Astros now.

The losses are just part of growing pains. It’s a young team with still very little consistency, and it’s pretty much just a test run for all the guys that the Astros want to get a look at going into next year. The games have stopped mattering.  A win or a loss: it’s all meaningless in the overall objective of moving forward.

After seeing three of their six minor league playoff contenders take home titles, there is no reason to lose confidence. The MLB-level club is just a testing ground at this point, so any confidence lost can be easily recovered.

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