Chicago Cubs: If Dale Sveum Is Fired, It Wouldn't Be A Surprise

By Randy Holt
Dale Sveum
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed like Dale Sveum would at least finish out his contract, and be back on the bench as manager of the Chicago Cubs in 2014. But since that point, speculation has increased over  his job security, and word has come down that his fate will be decided Monday as to whether or not he’ll be brought back for another year.

There have already been plenty of whispers throughout the media that Sveum is a dead man walking with the organization. After two years of failure, much of which is not the fault of Sveum, the Cubs may be ready to move on and examine a managerial change, with a list of names that includes Joe Girardi and Brad Ausmus, among others.

We don’t know if the Cubs are going to dismiss Sveum as manager at this point. They’ve said they’re evaluating, but that is a process that every club goes through at this point in the  year when they’re not contending. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see Sveum go this week.

For whatever reason, Sveum just never seemed like the long term guy for the organization. The Cubs set him up for failure, cleaning their big league roster of dead weight and building up their farm system. Which has led to decreased attendance and two years as one of the worst clubs in baseball. All part of the rebuild.

However, if the Cubs are to fire Sveum, it’s going to be because of his ability, or lack thereof, to work with the younger players. Starlin Castro has seen a mighty regression this season, as has Anthony Rizzo. At one point, he publicly threatened to send each of them to Iowa. There are better ways to go about sending a message.

The Cubs are in a position where the end of this rebuild is in sight. The team is expected to improve, perhaps to around the .500 neighborhood, in 2014, before really getting their quest for a title underway. They could be looking for the true manager that will get them there, and one that will also be able to bring their young talent along. Either way, it looks like we’re only about 48 hours away from finding out.

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